8 Cheap DIY Halloween Costumes

It’s October and that means pumpkin spice everything, beautiful fall weather, mid-terms, and one of the most celebrated holidays... Halloween. Halloween is a time for dressing up as your favorite superhero or a scary vampire. The only problem is that Halloween costumes are extremely expensive and when your budget is not in the right place, it can be difficult to find an inexpensive Halloween costumes. Have no fear, this article will give you some great ideas to make a cute but affordable Halloween costume.


1. Eleven

  • Eleven from "Stranger Things" literally turned the world upside down when everyone discovered the hit series on Netflix. She has become an extremely popular character and her outfit would be the perfect costume for Halloween.
  • What you will need: A pink dress, navy blue bomber jacket, white blouse, a blond wig, small tube of fake blood for your nose, and to complete the look, make sure to have Eleven’s favorite thing- Eggos.


2. Belle

  • Want to go as a beautiful Disney princess for Halloween? Then Belle would be the perfect princess to go as because her outfit does not require too much effort on your part!
  • What you will need: A simple yellow dress, plain yellow heels, and a fake rose to finish off your Belle costume.


3. Rosie the Riveter 

  • Women empowerment is one of the biggest movements of 2017, so why not make a statement about how strong women can be by dressing up as the iconic, Rosie the Riveter.
  • What you will need: A long denim shirt and make sure to roll up the sleeves, blue jeans and a red bandana to tie around your head.


4. Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 5

  • Numbuh 3 and 5 were the coolest girls on the show "Code Name Kids Next Door" and luckily they have the easiest Halloween costumes.
  • What you will need: For Numbuh 5’s outfit, buy a long blue shirt (make sure it has the white strips on the side), a red hat, hoop earrings, and white sneakers. For Numbuh 3, find a long oversized green shirt, green socks and some black and white sneakers or converse.


5. Sandy

  • At the end of Grease, gone was Sandy’s good girl persona, and the bad girl persona was revealed. This look is super easy to replicate and will you feeling like true sixties girl.
  • What you will need: Black leather jacket and pants, red lipstick, high heels, and a black off-the-shoulder top.


6. The White Rabbit

  • The White Rabbit from Alice and Wonderland might be a unusual choice for a Halloween costume, but it can actually be quite inexpensive and cute.
  • What you will need: A white dress, a red blazer, white heels, a blue bow, bunny ears, and a clock bag (which you can find on Amazon).


7. Arthur

  • Now, I know what you are thinking... Arthur, really?! But, when you think about it, his costume is so simple that it would be one of the cheapest Halloween costumes. Your wallet will thank you later.
  • What you will need: A yellow sweater, white blouse, blue jeans, red sneakers, and cute brown glasses.


8. Risky Business

  • If you've ever seen the movie, Jerry Maguire, then you know the famous scene where Tom Cruise slides across the floor and starts singing in his house. This costume will probably be the easiest of them all, since you are barely wearing anything.
  • What you will need: Boxer shorts, white socks, and a long button-down t-shirt. Finish the look off with some dark sunglasses.