7 Ways to Transform a Simple Black Dress

1. Pair a basic black dress with an oversized plaid shirt. Can you say grunge? You just created the perfect everyday look.

2. Create a street chic look by adding a leather jacket. Whether you're meeting your friends at the local bar or looking for some edge, you can't go wrong with leather.

3. Cardigans and kimonos are a must have. With these, you're always a step ahead for date night or when your friends decide to have a last minute brunch. Check please.

4.  Suede. That's right. Suede fringe jackets are a tribute to the 70s. Keep up with times by going back in time.

5. Denim will never go out of style. Today, oversize is key to keeping up with the latest trends. Running errands just got easier with this casual Friday look.

6. Pair a simple black dress with a fur coat for a fancy dinner party. Don't forget your dancing shoes. Looks like it might be a roaring twenties night.\

7.  Lastly, create the perfect greaser look with a bomber jacket.