7 Tips for Staying Safe on Campus

Not everyone on your campus is a student. Living in an urban setting or any setting, there's always the concern of safety. With recent B-alerts of robberies happening near campus and even on campus, it's important to remind ourselves of good safety practices. 

Be extra cautious at night.

Most crimes happen at night. Avoid walking alone by using the buddy system or catching a ride with campus security. It's not always convenient to walk with other people given schedules, so try investing in safety tools like pepper spray,mace, Wearsafe button, SafeTrek app, etc. There's applications today that allow you to drop your pin location to friends and family whilst you're on the walk home. Of all the apps we have on our phones, this would be an essential app for college students. 

Be aware of your surroundings when entering or exiting your car.

You're either going to park in a lot, at a meter, or in a parking deck. Always check the back of your seat (no matter how scary the idea) before getting in. This is a place that ill intentioned people hide. Which leads to another important point, always lock your doors. You don't have to be in a rush, but don't hang out in the parking deck. Know where you're going and move on to your next location.

Know how to defend yourself.

You may not want to think about having to do this, but's well worth the thought and research. Some organizations on campus have hosted free self-defense classes. If you're really shaken by recent events, grab a buddy and hit up a class. You'll feel more confident and empowered. It'll also reduce any worries and anxieties about your safety. 

Put down your device.

You need to be well aware of your surroundings. Checking out your Instagram feed as you walk to your car in the parking deck is not a good idea at all. Be alert. Know what's going on around you by limiting your distractions, especially with your phone. Other tip: while you don't need to be on your phone, make sure your phone is accessible with emergency contacts.

Locate the help buttons.

You've seen them scattered around campus. Make note of them because they may come in handy. 


If you see someone who is obviosly not a student and may be of danger on your dorm premices, do not be afraid to let the front desk RA know or the resident life coordinator. 

Trust your instincts.

If you feel like something is off, trust that feeling. 

If you have any other safety tips, please share them in the comments!