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6 Esstential Things You Never Knew You Needed For Your Dorm

Moving back into a dorm is one of the most stressful things in the world. There are a million big and little things you need including shower gel, toothbrushes, an iron, bed sheets, a TV, room décor, and more. There are also some things that you don’t think you need until you’ve already moved in. Below is a list of the top ten things that you didn’t know you needed for college.


1.  Keurig Coffee Maker

On most college campuses, there are plenty of Starbucks for you to go and grab a coffee. The problem with this is that Starbucks is ridiculously expensive and on a college budget it is hard to find even a dollar to buy a four dollar frappucino. This is why a coffee maker would be a great addition to your dorm room. It will you save money and not have to stand in a long line in Starbucks waiting for your coffee in the morning.

Target: $69.99


2. Amazon Fire Stick

Are you tired of having to use your laptop to watch Netflix? Well, the Amazon Fire Stick is here to help make sure that Netflix will never drain your laptop’s battery life again. All you need is TV to plug your fire stick in and you are good to go. An added bonus is that you can also use your phone as a remote.

Amazon: $39.99


3. Portable Laptop Desk

The desk in your dorm is usually equipped with an uncomfortable chair for you to sit in. A laptop desk will help you get away from that uncomfortable chair and into a nice, comfortable bed for you to do your homework.

Kohl’s: $19.99


4. A Mini Crockpot

Ever get tired of eating in your campus dining hall? Then, it would be a good idea to have a mini crockpot in your dorm. Crockpot meals are easy and inexpensive, plus the crockpot does all the cooking for you.

Target: $9.99


5. Clip Lamp

If you ever need extra lighting in your room because dorm lighting sucks, a clip lamp would be a great investment. A clip lamp gives you enough light to do your homework while your roommate is asleep.

 Amazon: $20.00


6. Noise Canceling Headphones                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Living in a dorm means dealing with a lot of noise because the walls are extremely thin. Noise canceling headphones will you block out the noise that is coming from roommate or neighbors.

Best Buy: $49.99



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