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Sure, you’re not a “sneakerhead,” but you’d like to have just enough styles of athletic shoes to pair with all your outfits. Sneakers are no longer reserved for casual outfits! Trends have gravitated to utilizing as much athleisure as possible. Leggings, dresses, skirts… whatever you are wearing, chances are there are a pair of sneaks that will make that outfit. Check out the suggestions below as you build your wardrobe!


  1. The Classic Sneaker

Adidas Superstars and Nike Air Force Ones are the most popular athletic shoes within the “classic” category. Invest in one of these or another style that has withstood time. If you’re ever unsure of what shoes to wear, these will be your best bet.

2. Converse

You may wear Converse often or not very often, but they can definitely come in handy. Depending on what’s already in your closet, you may want to invest in a neutral or colored pair. High-top or low-top, the style is up to you! They will definitely be your go-to choice for one of those lazy days.

3. Workout Shoe

Color, style, brand, it doesn’t really matter… just make sure that you have a pair of shoes that works for your workouts and lifestyle! These typically are the biggest investment, but they usually have the most impact on your body (if you workout often).

4. The Not-for-the-Gym Workout Shoe

These shoes have the sporty look, but will likely be worn less than your workout shoes (depending on your lifestyle, of course). This category includes Nike Air Maxes and Roshes… they look good, but probably shouldn’t be worn during physical activity. Pull these out when you’re channeling your inner Sporty Spice!

5. The Eye-Catcher

This pair should be different from all the others. Whether they are a unique color, style, or texture, these shoes should catch eyes. By having a unique pair of shoes, you will have a go-to item to make an average outfit pop. Wear minimal colors and let your shoes do the talking (walking?). This pair of shoes may be the one that you least wear, but they will definitely come in handy when you’re in the mood to switch things up.


With these five shoes, your kicks will be the envy of all sneaker-lovers. Now that you have the sneaker department covered, it’s time to look into boots. ;)

My name is Kristal and I am currently a senior at UAB. As a business major and hopeful journalist, I hope to use my gifts and knowledge to reach across the world. I have interests in all things related to society-- hisory, social justice issues, man-made societal "norms." In my spare time, I enjoy working out, watching documentaries, viewing fashion blogs and magazines, and dreaming of the possibilities of my future. Would I forget to mention the importance of "Clueless" references in my life? Ugh, as if!               
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