5 Gameday Bag Essentials

College football is officially underway! That means Saturday’s are for tailgates, cute outfits, and fun times with the girls! There’s nothing worse than heading to the stadium for kick-off only to be turned away because of your bag of choice! Trying not to carry your whole life with you on gameday isn’t the easiest, but as long as you have your essentials you should be fine! Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered with a few bag essentials! 


1. Your keys. 

This is a given, but sometimes you don’t think about them, especially if you didn’t drive. You don’t want to get back to your dorm to find yourself locked out. 


2. A card holder. 

A wallet will probably take up way too much room, so a small card holder is the way to go! You’ll need your debit card for concessions and your school I.D. to get in the stadium. 


3. Your phone. 

Honestly, your phone might be in your hand most of the day, but either way it’s a bag essential. You’ll need it to keep up with friends, take Instagram pictures, and maybe to call an Uber post-game. 


4. Travel tissues. 

You might be thinking this is unnecessary, but from my experience it has been a life saver! Tissues come in handy for more than the obvious. Use them to dab your sweat, fix your makeup and even in the restroom when all the toilet paper seems to have disappeared. 


5. Sunnies.

If your game is during the day sunglasses are a must! They’ll keep the sun out your eyes and make your gameday outfit look even better! 



Check out UAB’s policy to make sure you’re able to enter the stadium on gameday!