5 Cute Must Haves For The Winter

Jordan JaDella Smith 

Here in Birmingham the weather is starting to get pretty chilly. The fall/winter bipolar weather is determining what outfit I choose to wear for the day, buy when I go shopping, or browse the web. Within this article I will be sharing cute trendy outfits that won't break the bank but will also keep you cheerful while the weather is dreary. 



1.) Denim Jacket- Pair your outfit with any denim jacket whether you're rushing and need a last minute item or you carefully planned out your outfit. 

"5 Reasons Why Anyone Can Pull off the Denim Jacket Trend"

  • "Denim jackets aren’t just for hipsters so you should definitely invest in one."
  • "Wear one on a cool day and if it gets warmer you won’t be carrying round a heavy coat."
  • "Denim jackets are always in fashion so it’s time to get one."
  • "Designers everywhere have at one time put denim jackets down the catwalk."
  • "A denim jacket is a great transitional piece."

- The Idle Man



2.) Turtleneck- A turtleneck is a cute must have item because it will definitely keep you cozy, it won't weigh you down, and it is a fabulous piece under any jacket or overalls. 



3.) Cardigan- Cardigan's are a def must have if you are in college. Cardigan's can be used to dress up a basic outfit, easy to throw on if the weather is chilly, and they will definitely keep you comfortable but cute with a versatile outfit. 



4.) Trench coat- Trench coat's are the perfect stylish garment to top off any outfit. Trench coat's are super fashion-forward and can be super casual or classy.



4.) Overall Dress- An overall dress is a simple outfit, sleek, and can be paired with almost anything. It's an outfit that must be in your closet because of its endless possibilities that it offers. 


5.) Pant- Suit-  A pant suit is a definite power look for any woman. The pant-suit look is very all-around, essential for any shape and style, and great for wanting to venture out of your comfort zone. 


I hope that you can take these trendy must haves and put a bomb outfit together!