5 Apps to Help You Save Money

Need a little extra cash? Summer is coming and we're all going to need a little change in our pocket. Last time I checked, going to the movies isn't cheap and gas isn't a nickel anymore so you know what that means? It's way over due that we start saving money for our summer plans. I've discovered some handy apps that will make saving your pennies so much easier. 

1. Mint

With over 5 million dowloads in the App store, Mint is a free app to help you manage your cash flow and save your money. In the Mint app, you can see all your accounts in all one place: Checkings, Savings, even your Credit Card Accounts. They also have a feature that allows you to create budgets. Set budgets for groceries, shopping, and Starbucks (because some of us can get wat out of hand at Starbucks). Are you that person that doesn't know when you spent what when? Mint has got you covered. Keep up with all your transactions all in one app. This app is available for FREE for Androids and Iphones

2. RetailMeNot

"Couponing is for old people". Girl stop! You better get your life! RetailMeNot is considered a girl's bestfriend honey. They not only have coupons for all your favorite stores, but restuarants too. Discounted food? Yes, please. RetailMeNot provides you with coupons from over 50,000 retailers ranging from food, clothing, accessories, and more. You can even save coupons for later and recieve updates when they are about to expire. Want that new blender from Bed, Bath, & Beyond? Need some new jeans but can't scrap up the cash? RetailMeNot is just what your empty pockets have been needing. This app is available for FREE for Androids and Iphones.

3. GasBuddy

The closest gas station to campus has gas for $1.95. That's too much for your wallet right now? Download GasBuddy! GasBuddy helps you find cheaper gas near you. Just put in your city or zip code, and GasBuddy leads you to the cheapest gas station closest to you. No more paying for expensive gas. Time to get in where you fit in! GasBuddy can be downloaded for FREE for Androids and Iphones.

4. Groupon

Groceries are getting higher and higher everyday. You're in college! We all just want to eat! Well, just like RetailMeNot, Groupon provides you with a great amount of coupons. They don't just stop at food. They provide coupons for things to do in your city, attractions, and clothing stores. Use their search bar to search over hundreds of deals in the area. With over 50 million downloads in the App store, Groupon can be downloaded for FREE for Androids and Iphones

5. Campus Special       

Campus Special is a fairly new app that's starting to catch buzz for having the hottest deals and coupons for food on college campuses. Log in using your Facebook account to enjoy deals and even order from resturants on or around campus. This new easy to use app can be found only on the Google Play Store for FREE.