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4 Easy Steps to Having a Hot Girl Semester

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UAB chapter.

1. Get your supplies in order!

Your laptop, charger, combination in supplies is essential. By having your laptop on hand, all your assignments and projects are at your fingertips. If you don’t have your laptop, many things can be delayed and not get done. Making sure your laptop is always charged and ready to go is key to having the perfect semester. 

2. Plan! Plan! Plan!

And this is done by using a PLANER!! Lol… yeah when I first heard of ways to be organized, I always overlooked writing in a planner. Sadly, it took some time to get adjusted. But having a planner personally keeps me sane and organized. Instead of writing on paper, I use my digital planner on my phone, which also syncs to my tablet and computer. Having upcoming assignments and tests jotted down electronically or on paper definitely gives you a sense of relief. Your productivity and time management are both enhanced by having your day planned out.

3. Take Trips!

… to the library of course. Changing your environment is essential. It keeps things fresh, and you’re not going to be prone to falling asleep because you’re in public. Not only does the library aid in a change of scenery, you also have an abundance of resources such as books and peers that you might encounter that are also taking the same classes.

4. Don’t let your peace go into pieces!

Meditation and/or prayer are excellent activities to clear your mind, while also improving your concentration. Being alone in meaningful silence organizes your thoughts, minimizes anxiety, and ultimately gives you a sense of peace.