3 Tips For Surviving Finals

1. Designate time to freak out.

Yes, that's right. Freak out about all the things you had to do. I find that it's best if I just go ahead and let everything out before I really get started, instead of letting it hover over me while trying to study.  Get it out of the way and don't turn back.

2. Find a way to review your material. 

It's hard trying to study a few weeks of materials, let alone a semester's worth for a cumulative final. One tip I have it to find a way that works for you to review our material. That might mean being repetitive by re-writing your notes, re-reading chapters, or even re-doing an assignment. I also like to read aloud or explain questions to myself or someone else in order to make sure I fully understand a concept. Whatever you choose, the point is to go over your material. Don't rely on your stellar memory, because let's face it, we can barely remember the lecture for last week sometimes. 

3. Give yourself a break. 

I know it's hard to do, but giving yourself a break is necessary. Overworking yourself usually doesn't end well. Passing your final is important, but your stability is just as important. Too many all-nighters and cram sessions are bound to catch up with you, and it may be when you least expect it. There's nothing like studying all night only to be entirely too tired to function on test day. Being overworked might lead to avoidable mistakes that a few hours of sleep could have held off. Take a break!