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10 Things to do During Thanksgiving Break

Unlike some schools, here at UAB we get a full week of no classes for Thanksgiving break. In case you were wondering what you should do with your time during the week, here are just a few ideas. 

1. See your family 

If you are going home for the break, it’s always a great idea to go visit family members, especially on Thanksgiving. Even if you have that one family member constantly asking questions about your life like, “How’s college going?” “Have you met anyone special?” “What’s your major again?” Show them that you care because who knows how many more Thanksgivings you have left with some of your family members. 

2. Hang out with friends 

If you’re back home, hang out with all of your friends from there. It’s so good for your soul when you see and get to spend time with friends from home that you haven’t seen in a while. If you’re not going back home, hang out with all of your new friends. Either way, find time to spend with friends by either going to the movies, the mall, or a local hangout spot. 

3. Get pampered 


Treat yourself! You’ve made it this far in the semester and you only have a few weeks left after the break. Get your hair or nails done. You deserve it!

4. Eat, eat, eat! 


Thanksgiving food is always the best. Don’t worry about putting on a pound from all the incredibly delicious food you’ll eat on Thanksgiving. You can always hit up the rec center when you get back from the break. 

5. Binge watch some tv shows and movies 


You may not have had time in the past few weeks due to all the time you are consumed by studying, hanging out with friends, etc., but now you have a whole week free of classes! Start a new TV show, watch a new movie, start rewatching one of your favorite TV shows, or rewatch one of your all-time favorite movies.

6. Go Black Friday shopping 


Shop til you drop! There’s nothing better than Black Friday shopping and getting the best deals on clothes, shoes, etc. even though Black Friday shopping can be a bit crazy.

7. Watch some Hallmark movies 


Hallmark movies are already on TV, but after Thanksgiving it will finally be socially acceptable for you to start watching all the Hallmark Christmas movies you can. Although they may be cheesy, Hallmark movies can warm your heart and truly get you into the Christmas spirit.

8. Start decorating for Christmas 


Once Thanksgiving is over, start decorating for Christmas. Put up your Christmas tree and all your other Christmas decorations while listening to all the Christmas music that you can. Starting November 24th (the day after Thanksgiving) we only have 32 days to celebrate Christmas, so use them wisely.

9. Get a head start on school work and/or study 

While Thanksgiving break should be exactly that, a break, you might not want to completely set aside all of your school books. After Thanksgiving, finals will be right around the corner, so you may want to spend just a little time studying or getting a head start on any projects. 

10. Enjoy 

Enjoy your break! Do all the things you love with the people you love.  

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