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10 Last-Minute, Inexpensive Halloween Costumes

Being a college student consists of constant decision making, and typically decision making regarding time and money. If you have decided to celebrate Halloween, but are looking to put in very little time or money into your costume, here are five potential costumes that fit that category!

1. Yeezy Model

Bring out your dad’s jacket and any neutral clothing you have. If that’s not an option, hit up local thrift stores to find the perfect baggy ensemble. If you don’t want to channel the homeless, neutral look, then opt for form-fitting spandex pieces, so leggings and shapewear can work for this look. Don’t forget to layer! Add a baseball cap, tube socks, tights, hoodie, and/or bomber if you can find them or have them in a neutral color pallete.

2. Instagram Babe

There are so many options to choose from when channeling your inner IG babe. If you have a Calvin Klein shirt, baseball cap, bomber, or form-fitting outfit, then you have what you need for this costume! Adidas superstars, lace up heels, and thigh high boots are also pluses, if you have them in your closet. Put your outfit together, but remember your costume isn’t complete without a teeth whitening kit, container of vitamins, or a bag of tea! Also, perfect your signature pout for all the pictures you’ll be taking.

3. Regina George

If you have a black mini skirt, colored bra, black pumps, and a white wifebeater, you’re in luck! Bring out your inner Mean Girl by cutting strategically-placed holes into the wifebeater and you’re ready to go!

4. Karen Smith

When someone asks what you are… “I’m a mouse, duh.” Search in stores like Target or Claire’s to find a set of mouse ears and put on your favorite party outfit to be Karen Smith as a mouse, duh. 

5.’90s Icon

If you have a mini “school girl” skirt and cropped sweater/cardigan, you are set to be a ’90s icon, a Clueless character, or even B. Spears in her “Baby One More Time” video. Collared shirts, cropped camis, thigh high socks, headbands, pigtails, and mary janes can complete your look, depending on which icon you’re channeling. Of course, if you have natural curls and glasses, you can always channel Princess Mia!

6. Beauty Queen

If you live at home or close to home, throw on an old Homecoming or prom dress to transform into a beauty queen. Again, stores like Target and Claire’s will have inexpensive tiaras and sashes that can complete your look. Thrift stores near you may even have old dresses (likely from the ’80s) that can transform you into a beauty queen (or bride) from that era.

7. Boxer

If you have Nike tempos, a sports bra, and robe, then you can easily be a boxer this Halloween. Makeup can give you that glistening effect or the “tough fight” look if you wish to add more to your costume.

8. Joanne the Scammer

If you’re a fan of the Joanne the Scammer videos, then throw on an oversized faux fur jacket and use pencil eyeliner to make yourself a beard. If you have access to a tragic looking wig, even better! Don’t forget to make use of your favorite Joanne the Scammer imitations.

9. Christmas Lover

If you love Christmas, then this costume will be easy. Look through your Christmas goodies and take out your favorite sweater, along with decorations. Deck yourself out with tinsel, bells, and bows to bring Christmas in October.

10. Cat Lady

Love cats? Then this costume may be the one for you! Anything with cats on it can be added to this costume… a sweater, socks, a mug. All those things can be used to transform you into your inner cat lady. Bringing a picture of your cat will pull the costume all together.


My name is Kristal and I am currently a senior at UAB. As a business major and hopeful journalist, I hope to use my gifts and knowledge to reach across the world. I have interests in all things related to society-- hisory, social justice issues, man-made societal "norms." In my spare time, I enjoy working out, watching documentaries, viewing fashion blogs and magazines, and dreaming of the possibilities of my future. Would I forget to mention the importance of "Clueless" references in my life? Ugh, as if!               
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