Why Taylor Swift's "1989" Deserves Album of the Year

No matter Yeezy says, Taylor deserves this. Before I start, I want to say that Kendrick Lamar is a genius. It’s true. The man makes great music and is amazing at what he does. He deserves all the awards he got last night. That being said, 1989 deserved the Album of the Year.


Well, let’s just look at the numbers:

  • 1989 had the fastest climb to 5 million copies sold since 2004.

  • 1989 has sold over 5.7 million copies domestically, and over 8.6 million worldwide.

  • 1989 debuted at No. #1 on the Billboard charts with the largest sales week for an album since 2002.

  • Just after one week, 1989 was the second-largest selling album of 2014, and soon after topped the sales of its competitors.

  • All six singles of the album reached top 20 in Billboard’s Hot 100.

  • Three of those singles were at No. 1 for consecutive weeks.

  • The “1989 World Tour” had 85 total shows and was one of the largest concert tours of the year.

  • “Blank Space” and “Shake It Off” have over 1 billion Youtube views, with all the others coming in well over a 100 million.

Soooo, what was that about 1989 not being that great?

I get that you may not like her music personally, but you can’t deny the numbers. Whether we love her music or not, she’s shaping pop culture and music with her chart-topping hits. 1989 is easily the best album of the year. No, it may not have the same deeper messages and overarching themes as some, but it has mass appeal and the sales to prove it deserves the spot. Teen girls everywhere were dancing and belting out “Shake It Off.” Hell, even twenty-somethings and parents were. Taylor is an artist and a performer. She knows how to crank out music the masses will love while selling out a world tour. And honestly, you can complain all you want, because Taylor will wipe her tears with her 10 Grammys.