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Why I’m Willing to Pay 8$ for a Bottle of Nailpolish: Sally Hansen’s Best Shade Names

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Many factors go into how much I’m willing to pay for a bottle of nail polish; durability, coverage, flair, and shade. But one factor is the most important- does the name of the shade make me laugh? What can I say? I’m a simple girl, make me laugh, and I’ll appreciate you all that much more. So here I’m documenting some of my favorite shades that can be found in the Sally Hansen nail polish product lines.

How punny!

One thing I’ve noticed is how big Sally Hansen is on puns. There’s a lot more than what’s listed here, but these are some of my favorites. Here’s a fun factoid about me too; in high school, I wanted to get a job as a product namer so that I could give beauty products funny and clever names. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find such a job, but maybe I can in the future. Do you think they’d let the chemist who formulated the product choose the product’s name? Either way, on to the puns!

Starting off, we’ve got “Cream of The Crop” from the miracle gel line. A perfectly fitting name for a perfectly pale yellow! I can only imagine how well it would pair with a dark blue or maroon too. You don’t need to be an artist to appreciate well-matched colors. 

Next up, and easily one of the best, “Off with her Red!” a striking red color filled with sass. Wearing this color from the miracle gel line would make me feel like a debutant for sure. Perhaps with a little bit less french revolution, though.

If beheadings aren’t quite your style, maybe this next shade fits better. For a girl with a relaxed soul and a penitent for cool colors, we’ve got “Namas-grey.” A hilarious highlight of the Color Therapy line, this shade should go with just about anything.

Whether you’re a business major, self-declared girl boss, or just trying your best in this world, we all know “Thyme is Money.” This sage green from the INSTA-DRI collection is gorgeous and puny. Durable too, I’ve worn it a week before without any chips- talk about getting your money’s worth. 

My only regret about including this shade is that there’s no Delorean-themed shade to go with it. “Back to the Fuschia” from the salon gel collection is too punny for me to even say much about. This color gets a 10/10 rating based on name alone. It’s pretty, too, though, don’t fret!

“Leaf me Be.” Truly,  give him the hand, honey. This dark green miracle gel color says what we’re all thinking and fits in great with dark wardrobes. Another 10/10 for me based on names. It probably goes with the shade “Jealous Boyfriend” well, too, wouldn’t you think?

Isabelle Branch

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