What I'm Currently Obsessed With-- Diamond Painting

What?! Painting with diamonds?! Is that even real? I asked these questions when I first found this hobby. It has changed my life and I don’t even know If I can exist without it now. The gif below was exactly my reaction when I first saw this hobby, and I bet it was you when you clicked on this article.



If you like painting/coloring by number, puzzles, and have A TON of patience, let me introduce you to a new favorite hobby. So, these “diamond paintings” are not actually made with real diamonds. They are little plastic gems that have a number. That number corresponds to a symbol which is on the sticky canvas. Basically, you make a pretty picture by sticking beads on a sticky piece of canvas, but it looks totally cool.


Picture by author - “A Girl and Her Wolf,” 45x60cm


These pictures can turn out amazingly beautiful, as long as you go big enough for the amount of detail in the picture. The more detail, the bigger you need to go. They also come in square or circle diamonds, but I prefer the square, as it looks nicer and you get more coverage of the paper. The thing about ordering the sizes, however, is that they are listed in...centimeters.



It is also a pain to wait for them to arrive at your door. Most of the companies have a base in the United States, but everything is printed and made in China, so it can take almost a month for your project to get to you. Not only that, there are many different sites you can order from, like Paint With Diamonds, AliExpress/Huacan, Wish, and Amazon. I prefer Paint With Diamonds because of their reliability and their products are always amazing. I have never been without enough diamonds and I have never had a crappy canvas.


Picture by author - “Cold Cold Night,” 60x40 cm


Hopefully I have piqued your interest in finding a new hobby. Below, I have listed my other completed works, as well as a video about diamond painting! I have also listed the sizes and titles in case a reader is very interested in doing a similar one. I hope to see more people interested in this as much as me!


Picture by author - “Peacock Showcase,” 40x40cm


Picture by author - “Orange Malibu,” 40x40cm


Picture by author - “Foxes In Foxhole,” 30x75cm


Picture by author - “Wolf On A Stump,” 40x30cm


Picture by author - “On The Prairie,” 35x50cm


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