The Weird Things I Do for My Birthday

Sooo my birthday is coming up! I am going to be the wonderful age of 20, which makes me, my parents, and my siblings feel old. I don’t celebrate my birthday in the usual way. So here are some unusual things I do for my birthday.

I pick my own presents 

Usually it’s hard for people to pick presents that I like unless its something like a mug or a funny gift. I go shopping for a couple things I would like and then give them to my parents to wrap. It usually works out very well and then I’m getting presents I know will be useful without having to spend the money I don’t have as a college student.

I usually end up making my own birthday cake

Sometimes it is just hard to be on top of the ball with my family and I love baking anyways! I can make myself a delicious cake and still have fun while my mom or sister helps me. I would probably be making a cake at home even if it wasn’t my birthday.

Birthday gift from my grandma

My final thing I do for my birthday isn’t weird but it is one of my favorite parts. I get my birthday gift from my grandma. She usually leaves a birthday note for me and I still have mine from my previous birthday! It makes her tear up and she is so cute that I love seeing her on my birthday. Basically I do a birthday party for myself but I still celebrate it with my family and friends. Here’s to being 20!


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