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Weekend Bonding Time With Your Sister is Seriously Therapeutic



This weekend, my sister came down to visit me. She got to my apartment about 5 pm on Friday and we decided to do something easy and cheap, tacos. My brother and I got into the car when she arrived and I was so excited to finally see her. We had a wonderful evening cooking, having fun, and laughing. This continued on for the whole weekend. This was a wonderful break from school and the craziness that the week had been. Sisters are one of those people who always understand you and that you can tell everything to, no matter what. My sister and I have become more best friends than anything and I cannot explain how awesome that is. We got caught up on the rest of how family life was going, how our romantic lives were going, and enjoyed each others quirky sense of humor that only siblings can understand.



On Saturday, we headed to Fort Collins to find some ramen, which we both had been craving for a long time, and to find some fun in the “big city.” The ramen was delicious and everything we both had imagined. Then we drove to the mall after deciding what to do and got some pretzels, which we had also been craving. You’d think we both had been starving for weeks before seeing each other over the weekend with how much food we ate. I had been wanting to get another piercing and I knew what I wanted. I asked my sister if I should get it done while we were in a reputable place, and after some consultation among my sister and my friend, I decided I would do it. When we got there, my sister then turned to me and asked if she should also get her ear pierced. Um, YES. So we proceeded to have a sister piercing bonding time. It was awesome, and of course both piercings looked so cute. We held each other’s hands through it, maybe cause we’re wimps, but it was fun getting something a little crazy with my sister!

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Sunday we hung out and went to the movie. Then Monday morning she left back for her home. It was awesome hanging out with my sister over the whole weekend and I definitely needed some sister time. There is nothing quite like hanging out with a person who has known you your whole life and just, gets you. You can be who you are and no holding back on your weirdness or spontaneity that makes these types of visit so fun. Sometimes you just need a break from everyday life to have some special, quality time with your sister (or sibling). It leaves you in such a good mood and makes you appreciate your family members that much more. I would 10/10 recommend spending some time with your family the next time you have a chance. 

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