Update on Fresh Shows and What You Should be Watching


1. This is Us


Yet again, probably another emotional show is coming and they’ve graced us with another season! This can be found on Hulu. 


2. The Resident


This can be found on hulu. 


3. Big Mouth


Who’s ready for explicit language and images? This gal. This is on Netflix. 


4. Parks and Recreation


Who can resist a classic and hilarious show. If you’re looking for a show to keep you entertained during long study sessions, this is it. Found on Netflix and Hulu, although Netflix doesn’t have any ads. 


5. The Great British Baking Show


All I can say is YAS. Netflix releases a new episode every Friday. 


6. Shameless


I have particularly enjoyed this new season of Shameless on Netflix. Filled with plot twists, heartbreak, and everything that is Shameless.


7. Say Yes to the Dress


Although I don’t think they’re new seasons, I think they were new seasons put on Hulu. 


8. Carnival Row


This was a killer TV show on Amazon Prime. It was entertaining and kept sucking you in. I mean who can resist Orlando Bloom either?


9. American Horror Story


This season was everything I could have wanted out of American Horror Story and was an excellent season! Although this isn’t the most recent season, it is the most recent on Netflix. 10/10 would recommend. This can be found on Netflix. 


10. Disenchantment


A crazy plot line and funny as usual, Disenchantment was everything I could have hoped for in season 2. You can watch this on Netflix.

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