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Recently I’ve become obsessed with coconut oil. In proper fashion, I have made a list of all the uses for the magic that is coconut oil. Coconuts are the unicorns of the produce world. Don’t let this list limit you!


I may not buy more hair products beyond coconut oil just because it has helped my hair. I put a little in everyday and so far the results are acceptable (which you could probably guess now that I’m obsessed!).


Before I go to bed I put coconut oil on my face. I wake up, it’s hella smooth. Coconut oil is the moisturizer I’ve been waiting my entire adult life for. You can also use coconut oil instead of chapstick. Actually mind blowing stuff here, folks!


Most of us cook with oil anyway, so why not substitute coconut oil here and there? It doesn’t change the flavor of what you’re making, so go ahead and use it. Put it in your banana bread or cook your eggs in coconut oil!


Since coconut oil is good in your cooked food, throw a little in your smoothie. You won’t taste it. And rumor has it, coconut oil is good for your health!

Body scrub

Mix coconut oil with sugar and bam! You have a sugar scrub.



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