Tips for Traveling Because Summer is Coming!

Surviving this weather has been a definite challenge. From winter storm warnings to warm days to cloudy and rainy, but fear not! Summer is still coming and one day we’ll make it to shorts and sunshine. Summer is also the time for traveling either with family or friends. So here are some tips for traveling and packing to take advantage of the warm weather to come.

1. Plan your trip, but also don’t plan your trip.

Plan some fun things to do on your trip! Do a little research maybe before you go and find the most beautiful or significant places to go to. This will help ensure that you have things to do and also have most of a plan to guide your days. BUT also leave some wiggle room for unexpected places you stumble upon or museums you would really like to check out. Also, you probably will not want to be running around when you should be enjoying yourself and taking in the scenery. Leaving some time and room to do things you did not plan for will help with this and leave you open to new experiences.

2. Exchange cash when you arrive to your destination.

If you’re traveling to another country, do not try to exchange American dollar for the currency in the country you’re going to. You will get ridiculous exchange rates and probably lose half your money because of it! It is probably best to find an ATM and withdrawal money in the country. Then you’ll be getting the best rate and you don’t have to worry about exchanging money at all. There might be a service fee, but this will probably be better than trying to exchange money. ALSO please tell your banks you will be using your card in a different country and when you plan to travel, otherwise you might not be able to withdrawal money.

3. Pack once - then pack again.

A lot of times, people like to overpack. So you should pack once, then pack again. This will help you get rid of clothes that you probably don’t need and go from four pairs of shoes, to two. You might also be able to wash your clothes in a bathtub if you need to, so you might also consider being able to wash your clothes while there, but don’t bank on it.

4. Prepare for the airport.

You should be downloading tons of movies, songs, etc. This will keep you entertained while on the plane but also during your layovers if you have any. It will make the time go by faster and you won’t be bored out of your mind in the airport. Also pack in your carry-on probably an extra set of clothes and a toothbrush. This will help you feel better if you’re traveling a long ways and make you feel more fresh. Don’t forget headphones, a jacket for the plane in case it gets cold, or some way to charge your electronics.

5. Bring comfortable shoes.

I know this seems silly to say, but seriously, bring comfy shoes. I know those super cute sandals will tempting to bring but can you live without them? Probably. And will your feet feel so much better after tons of walking at the end of the day, but also for the next day? Again, probably yes! If you have really comfortable shoes you know you can walk in all day and still have useable feet, then I would say yes to those. As long as you know your shoes won’t cause pain, then you should be fine. You will be using your feet the most while on your trip, so be sure to take care of them!

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