Things to do in Quarantine

This quarantine has been rough on me. Luckily, I have been able to be with my boyfriend so I am not completely alone. The first week I did not find the time to do anything that I actually enjoyed. I spent entire days in bed and I could feel my mental health taking a nosedive. From there I knew that I had to change something. I decided to share just a few of the things that have gotten me out of my funk.

I Resumed my Routine

This was HUGE for me. It got me out of bed and helped bring my focus back.  a photo of an open planner Free-Photos | Pixabay

Going Outside

Yes, it is possible to do this while social distancing. Getting outside helps get the blood flowing in your body and allows you to get some fresh air.  person standing on field facing a sunset Victor Freitas via Pexels


I recently started crocheting a new blanket! I also bought a canvas and paints so I could try painting something new. craft table Vladimir Proskurovskiy

Listening to New Music

My new Spotify playlists have been played on repeat lately and I love it. The music helps get me out of my own head.  spotify, phone, headphones, music Fixelgraphy / Unsplash Take the time to do things that you like during this quarantine. If you feel yourself in a slump, reach out to someone and make a plan of how to help make things better.