These Shows with Autism are Awesome

Recently, there have been some binge-worthy shows that include people we do not normally see on the big screen-- autistic people. Netflix has just released new episodes of Atypical, and I cannot wait to watch the rest of the season. The characters go through so many hardships that the every-day person wouldn’t have to worry about. It is really eye opening into how they handle different situations and different people. The show is hilarious but also brings tears to my eyes.


1. Atypical


The main character in Atypical, Sam, has a younger sister that treats him just like any other brother. She knows how to handle certain situations where he is feeling uncomfortable or if he is having a lot of anxiety, but she also can joke with him and have fun. It’s amazing to see that kind of relationship and that people like Sam should be treated normally. We just have to know more about certain situations that might not be good for them or how they might be feeling.


2. The Good Doctor


Another show that I think is amazing is The Good Doctor. Hulu has been putting up new episodes and I cannot wait to watch them. Throughout the show you see so many challenges the main character faces and guess what? He is from Casper, Wyoming! #represent. The characters mention it in the show, but having an autistic person as a surgeon is a big deal and it gives you an inside view into how difficult it can be for autistic people to make it that far.


The biggest takeaway I’ve had from watching these shows is that people should just know more when it comes to autism spectrum disorders. If people had a little more knowledge about these different conditions, some might be more accepting and more people could know how to handle different situations as well. These shows are fun to watch, grip you on the first episode, and most importantly teach others about a group of people which are super important to our society!


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