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The Thanksgiving Special: What I’m Thankful For

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We’re almost to the end of November now, crazy, huh? It feels like college just started, and everyone has barely moved onto campus. Now teachers are talking about finals, and emails are being sent out about winter housing. All the finals talk fills me with dread, but I’d rather focus on the good things.

The best part about the end stretch of the semester is Thanksgiving break! A week to go home, get your mind off the homework, and pig out on good food. With Thanksgiving break comes thanksgiving itself, a deeply historied day focused on practicing thankfulness. 

I’m going to practice some of my thankfulness via this article. I think it’s very important to write out what’s on your mind, and in turn, write down what in your life you’re glad to have. It helps make you think about things and give some tangibility to your thoughts. 

First, college! It seems pretty obvious, I know. Oftentimes, I dread my classes and the dining hall and all these other things, but I’m just being silly. Overall I’m so glad to be in school! I’m a first-generation student, a woman in stem too. Being able to enjoy university isn’t something that happens in my family, so I’m very, very grateful to be attending UW.

Second, my family. Despite being a state away, my parents always have my back. They’re always there when I need them, and they’re helping put me through school. I would be lost without them. My pets, too, those little dorks are like my babies, and they always make me feel better after a bad day. It’s good to have people you can count on. 

Third, my friends. I’ve never been a person to have a huge group of people around me, but I do have a few people I’m close to and a few more I’m getting to know. We all can laugh and have fun together, and we’ve got each other’s backs when things get rough. We’re even getting together online for Thanksgiving since everyone lives in different places! 

Dear reader, I hope you get to have a quiet Thanksgiving break without too much homework. During this break, I implore you to think about what exactly you’re thankful for. Practicing gratitude and mindfulness is supposed to be good for your mental health after all, but it’s good for those around you too. Maybe shoot your friends a text, telling them how much you care for them. Or give your parents a sincere talk about how you’re grateful for what they do for you. They’ll appreciate it, and I hope you know you’re appreciated too! 

Isabelle Branch

U Wyoming '25

Isabelle is a freshman at the University of Wyoming; aiming for a bachelors in chemical engineering, talk about a woman in STEM! She loves everything music and plays excessive amounts of videogames in her free time. A total hyperfixator, expect random, humor-filled articles about whatever has her fancy at the time.
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