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The Five Best and Worst Halloween Candies

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Halloween is my favorite holiday; I love everything spooky, fun decorations, and of course, candy. But, if you’re anything like me, you’ve got high standards for your Halloween candy. I refuse to be the house that hands out Almond Joys!

The Five Best

  1. Tootsie Rolls

Tootsie rolls may be an uncommon favorite, but they are very versatile. Tootsie rolls have the original chocolate flavor, the assorted flavors (vanilla, lime, lemon, cherry), and Tootsie Pops! I love chewy candy, and Tootsie rolls are the perfect level of chewy – they won’t get too stuck in your teeth that you need to brush or floss your teeth.

2. Skittles

Again, another versatile candy. Skittles has so many variations of its products, it has the original, sour, tropical, wildberry, and orchard assortments, to name a few. I love sour candy, and the Sour Skittles are so good! I will eat them until my mouth hurts. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen fun-size packs of Sour Skittles. The OG Skittles are still fantastic. I would trade multiple pieces of candy for Skittles – that says a lot!

3. Kit-Kat

This is a common favorite for Halloween. Most of the assorted chocolate candy bags include Kit-Kats – as they should. Kit-Kat’s aren’t too sweet or too chocolatey. I think it’s a perfect balance for a chocolate bar.

4. Milk Duds

This is a candy that will DEFINITELY get stuck in your teeth, but they’re so good! I’m a sucker for chocolate and caramel, and I bought Milk Duds all the time in high school. I like the fun-sized boxes of Milk Duds because I can’t limit myself otherwise. Zero self-control.

5. Twix

Another favorite chocolate bar! I was always so excited when the houses in my neighborhood would hand out Twix bars. They’re so good! It’s a nice balance of chocolate, caramel, and biscuit. Shout out to the houses that hand out full-sized Twix bars!

The Five Worst

  1. Almond Joy

I love coconut, but I can’t do Almond Joys, they’re too sweet, and I’m not too fond of the texture. However, adults seem to like almond joys quite a bit, and I remember my mom would always take my Almond Joys after I was done counting my candy. Although, yes, I am an adult, my taste buds did not change.

2. M&M’s

Sorry, I know this is a popular candy, but I’m not the biggest fan. It’s not that I particularly dislike M&M’s. I just think they are a bit boring. It’s just chocolate that is coated in various colors.

3. Jolly Ranchers

Alright, this is on the list because I’ve had a bad experience with a grape Jolly Rancher. I had braces back in eighth grade, and it was the week before Halloween, so all the teachers were handing out candy. I took a grape Jolly Rancher and popped it into my mouth. I had just gotten braces, so I forgot that I couldn’t chew sticky or hard candy – of course, Jolly Ranchers are both. One of the brackets on my back molar popped off, and I had to take an extra trip to the orthodontist. I definitely have a bias on this one.

4. Reese’s Pieces

Yup, I put it on the list. I like peanut butter, but I can’t handle the sugary peanut butter that Reese’s has in its products. I’m not the biggest fan of peanut butter and chocolate either, so Reese’s is not a favorite in my book.

And finally…

5. People who hand out anything but candy!

I remember as a kid that there were a few people who would hand out popcorn, pencils, or spider rings. I made sure not to go back to those houses because trick or treating is supposed to be handing out candy. You’re supposed to get hyper off of sugar! As an adult, I understand that these people didn’t want us to have as much candy because it’s bad for us, but I didn’t see it that way as a kid.

Thanks for reading my list – I hope you agree with some of my choices!

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