Starting and Ending the Summer with My Trip to Japan

This summer went by too quickly but so did my amazing trip to Japan! I traveled to Japan in June for three weeks and my phone is loaded with beautiful photos and my brain has been culturally soaked. I have traveled abroad before but this was my first time to an Asian country. Everything was so completely different from their food to the toilets. It was incredible experiencing a brand new place and side of the world. I got to meet so many awesome people who made the trip all that much better. 

I went to many temples and shrines which really helped me experience the culture as they are important both culturally and to the people. Some were huge and some were small but all equally as beautiful.

The food was unlike anything I have experienced before and might not get to experience again. The seafood and obviously the sushi was delicious. Along with many other food creations I cannot even begin to describe.

Here in my beautiful state of Wyoming I like to think that I really do get to experience nature. The nature in Japan though was again, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Everything was incredibly green and the flowers were blooming while I was there. Nature was everywhere and it hardly seemed like that much greenery could exist inside a city. 

I love traveling and although Japan was not at the top of my list to travel too, it definitely was once I was there. I would love to return some day and explore even more of this beautiful country. I traveled with the University of Wyoming which was awesome and extremely helpful in navigating a place I knew almost nothing about. I would certainly recommend going to Japan if you did not want to already. I would also recommend traveling in general. This does not have to be to another country, it could just be to a new city or taste new food or travel to another state. Experience is the goal. I got tons of experience traveling to Japan and I would do it all over again! It was a great way to start my summer and writing about it now is an awesome way to end it!


Pictures by Author