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A *Spoiler Free* Review of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

This is a spoiler free review. I am not going to state any details about the plot. I am not even going to mention any specific character names. This article is going to be about how the film made me feel as an audience member and what I personally think about it in a broader sense. I will also not be using any pictures or gifs from the film and instead be using pictures and gifs from older considered bad and cheaply made Marvel films. 

Here we go…

Watching this film was an experience like no other. I have never felt more excited while watching a film in my life and I attribute a lot of that excitement to the fact that all these great characters were coming together. In my opinion, the best thing Marvel Studios does is create and develop very lovable characters and this film is very character heavy. 

Now I know it’s not a new thing to see Marvel characters come together, but something about how they do it in this particular film simply makes it feel like a kind of treat I’ve never tasted before and want more of. Seeing certain characters interact with each other and form new relationships and friendships drew a huge a smile on my face that still has not faded. 

The dialogue is incredible and feels so awesome and natural. The way these characters talk to each other is everything you could imagine, wish for, and more. They stress the importance of the situation and the evil they’re up against while not forgetting to roast each other every chance they get. The pressure of the serious tone that this film holds is released often by the charming, heroic and comedic performances from all the actors. 

The new villain is strong, intimidating, oddly charming and is a system of complex ideas. A common complaint amongst Marvel films is that their villains are often not that great and kind of boring, but this villain is a whole new animal. What I love about the film is that the villain is treated like a main character. The people behind this film have said before in interviews how it is kind of the villain’s movie, and you definitely can see what they mean by that when watching the film.



Now, the film is not free from some criticisms, but honestly the criticisms I am about to talk about aren’t necessarily my own but ones I’ve heard and my thoughts on them. One criticism is that some characters do not get as much screen time as others. This is true, there are characters that are in the spotlight way more than others. However, you do need to keep in mind as a viewer/fan that this is a two-part story and that the people who made this film have stated in interviews that characters who get more screen time in the first part will take way more of a back seat in the second and vice versa. 

Another criticism is that the film is too long. The film clocks in at about two hours and forty minutes. I can see how this may bother some audience members, but I see it as more of a nit pick and not necessarily something to hold against the film as a whole. Personally, for me, two hours and forty minutes has never gone by faster and I had my eyes glued to the screen the whole time with nothing on my mind but this film. So I’d say don’t worry about this too much unless you truly do not enjoy superhero films. 

Lastly, I just want to say that this film is possibly my new favorite film. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the greatest film ever. I am a huge fan of films and cinema, and when I am kind of judging a film on whether it is my favorite or not, a lot of it has to do with how the film makes me feel rather than the technical pieces that make a film great. That being said, I have always found it odd when I hear or see others clap after a film. It is not like a play when the actors come out and bow, so why do so? However, when this film ended I had that sensation.

When the film ended, my body just filled up with this odd exciting feeling I felt like I could not contain and I saw this film at 9:40 a.m. and it ended an hour before my first class of the day. I got that feeling where I just wanted to get up and run around and grin. I know it sounds goofy, but that is literally how I felt. This sense of epicness rushed through my body and my mind. 

I did not expect the film to make me feel this way, or any film for that matter, but it did. It was a feeling that I’ll never forget, and I don’t think I ever should. As a college student slowly gearing up to go into pure adulthood, sometimes it is hard to find something that can make you feel grand. Something that can make you forget just all the stresses and anguish you may feel. Although it may be kind of goofy, this film did it for me. Whether you’re a Marvel fan or not, I’d say go watch, and maybe see if your movie theater does discounts for really early showings because at 9:40 a.m., I watched it for $5.50.


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