Six Moments of Foreshadowing in Parks and Recreation



*Spoiler Alert* First I would like to say that if you have not watched Parks and Recreation, I would highly, highly, recommend watching it. I am re-watching Parks and Recreation because on October 1, it will be taken off of Netflix. I started in the middle and finished, but I wanted to re-watch the beginning too since I know this amazing show will be leaving us soon. Although, as I was re-watching I noticed too many foreshadowing moments that I had to make a list. For some reason, all of these are during season 2, but it is possible they were busy building characters during season 1. So I present to you all of the foreshadowing moments I noticed while re-watching Parks and Rec. 

1. Hunting Trip, Season 2 Episode 10

In this episode, Ron mentions how he will be watching the Super Bowl with his brothers, who we learn later in season 7 all have names that rhyme with Ron. Apparently, nobody knew that he even had multiple brothers, even though he mentions it in this episode after getting shot in the head. 

2. The Set-Up, S2 E13

This episode is where it is wonderfully foreshadowed that Leslie apparently has ample room for triplets (I feel gross even saying that), even with her first time getting pregnant. Hence during season 6, where she gets pregnant with triplets with her husband Ben on their first try. I love how these moments are really sneaked in. 

3. Leslie’s House, S2 E14

This is where we first meet Barney, the punny (funny pun) accountant who we get acquainted with. He presents for an unbearable amount of time about accounting information. He will also later have some ups and downs with employing Ben. We really do love his spirit though. 

4. Woman of the Year, S2 E17

In this episode, Tom is trying to gather just enough money to buy a share in the Snake Lounge. While talking about his dream of being a club owner, he lists possible names which include Tom’s Bistro. Even though he will eventually lose Tom’s Bistro, it really shows his growth into professionalism and a businessman in later seasons. He truly is one of the best.

5. Summer Catalog, S2 E20

The moment of this episode will highly foreshadow season 7 and it is one of the best twisters of the entire series. Leslie asks him this very important question, do you think we will ever hate each other some day? Who knew that this question would come true, but I am so glad that everything is resolved in the end. 

6. The Master Plan, S2 E23

Of course, how could I leave out this amazing episode of love, where we are introduced to Ben Wyatt, Christ Traeger, and Lucy. All of which will become the spouses or partners of Leslie, Ann, and Tom. Also, how could I leave out this pivotal moment in Andy and April's relationship where they have to confront each other about their feelings.Gah, so many good feels. 

Overall, who could not enjoy this TV series? One of my all-time favorite shows and I hope that you go and check out all of these episodes, along with the entire series!