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Six Fall Starbucks Drinks that AREN’T a PSL

1. Vanilla steamer with peppermint

It literally tastes like a candy cane. This seems to be a very controversial drink every time I get it. Sometimes the barista is like “YAS GIRL” and other times they stare in amazement and disgust. Personally, I love it and get it probably twice a week from October to April.


2. Cinnamon Dolce Latte

This is my mom’s favorite because “it’s sweeter than a black coffee but not going to give me cavities.” Words of wisdom.


3. Zebra Hot Chocolate

White chocolate AND dark chocolate for when you have that craving and can’t decide. I also recommend any flavor in your hot chocolate, including salted caramel and cinnamon.


4. Dirty Chai

After trying a chai latte with a shot of espresso, your go-to order will be “a venti double dirty chai”. You’re welcome.


5. Gingerbread Latte

I feel like this is one of the underappreciated flavors at Starbucks. I literally can’t drink this without feeling warm and cozy and wanting to change into a sweater and fuzzy socks.


6. Java Chips

Okay, this isn’t a drink…BUT I feel like java chips are the forgotten treasure of starbucks. It’s like a chocolate chip in your drink… but coffee flavored. So. Much. Better. Remember to add some to your next double dirty chai


Now go out there and be the basic girl with the Starbucks and sweater walking to class. Don’t worry, everyone’s doing it. That’s why they call it basic.




Katelyn is a marketing student at the University of Wyoming. She was born in Texas, but raised in Colorado to love barbecue, sports and anything outdoors. She is a proud member of Chi Omega, fundraising chair of Alpha Kappa Psi and a marketing intern for UW Athletics. Katelyn travels often and loves to take pictures of where she goes, so if you want to see pictures of some cool places and some dogs, follow @khekkert on Instagram.
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