Katie Sowers - Influential Women Of 2020

This world is full of talented, accomplished, and inspiring women. How could we possibly focus on just one to talk about? I chose to focus on one whose story has stuck with me for a few weeks now: Katie Sowers.


As a communication major, I feel it pertinent to point out the talented marketing messages used to share Coach Sowers’ story that caught my eye. However, while it was a marketing message that drew me to her, it takes nothing away from her motivating successes. 

Rows of footballs on a wall 

Coach Sowers is making history as the first woman to coach in the Super Bowl. The offensive assistant coach for the San Francisco 49ers began as a fan and player of the sport, which is insanely cool! I love women in sports, and I love seeing women playing against stereotypical roles because they totally can, not because they want to show the world all it is doing wrong. Coach Sowers has continued tackling what she aimed for by becoming a coach of a major NFL team, immersing herself in an overwhelmingly male world.


I think Coach Sowers’ career path is incredibly motivational. While I myself don’t dream of playing or coaching football, plenty of women do and everyone needs to hear a success story. I am motivated by Coach Sowers finding what she loved and working toward that vision with determination and passion. At a time in my life when I am searching for my own passions and goals, I look up to Coach Sowers and her focus to move toward her best life. I feel after you find that, anything position or dream can be accomplished.


This year, I feel inspired to find and focus on my truest goals and see just what I can accomplish.