I Switched to a Menstrual Cup & You Should Too

I started using a menstrual cup almost a year ago, and it truly revolutionization my period. I feel pretty passionate about menstrual cups, and I want to share this passion with my fellow period-havers to encourage you all to level-up too. There are seriously so many benefits to using menstrual cups. I never see myself going back to pads and tampons. It does take a couple of period cycles to get the hang of it, but I promise it's so worth it. Here are some of the major benefits of switching to menstrual cups:

1. You only have to empty it every 12 hours 

This might be my favorite thing about menstrual cups. You only have to think about it in the morning when you wake up and before you go to bed. And yes, you can sleep in it! I pretty much forget about it except for those two times of the day. You don’t have to check constantly for leaks and change it every 4-8 hours like tampons. This has been a lifesaver, especially during long, busy work shifts when I don’t have time for frequent bathroom trips. 

2. You save money

Menstrual cups usually cost around $20-$30, and you can use it for 2-4 years. The money you save from not having to buy pads and tampons during that time will really add up. You’ll also be saved from those frustrating emergency trips to the store to stock up on period supplies. 

3. It's better for the earth

Tampons and pads create a lot of waste -- not only in the product itself but also in the packaging and applicators. You can feel better knowing that you’re living more sustainably and not contributing to that waste.

4. You don't have to carry extras around with you

No more purses full of period supplies or having to ask around for an extra tampon. This has been especially useful to me when going on vacation. I just pop it in my luggage instead of making a bunch of room for tampons and pads.

5. It’s comfortable and reliable

Once you get the hang of it, menstrual cups are super comfortable. Like I mentioned earlier, I pretty much forget I’m wearing one. In my experience, it has been a lot more reliable than pads and tampons. I rarely have leaks or issues with it. No more fallen underwear!