I Made My Family's Dog an Instagram, Cause Why Not?

In this day and age it is not uncommon to see animal owners making their pets an Instagram account. I did it. Mostly because I don’t get to see my pup everyday but still. I am not huge on social media, the occasional picture is all I really do, but my sister and I have gone above and beyond for our dogs Insta.

We got Max at the end of November, beginning of December (I don’t remember exactly what day because I wasn’t physically there). My dad had found him at the Wyoming Dachshund and Corgi Rescue and he fell instantly in love. From that day on, Max has become Maximilian Riddle (@maximilianriddle), the newest addition to our family. Max is a Borgie (Border Collie/Corgi mix).

Now if you ask any of us, Max is the best dog EVER. He’s super cute and always up for a long walk. He is the perfect lap dog too.

Photo by author

Max has already made a big difference in my family’s lives. I’ll sometimes FaceTime them just to see what crazy antics Max is into that day. He cuddles mom, dad, and my sister constantly and even comforts my sister when they’re watching a scary tv show.

We love the new addition to our family. I made his Instagram to share Max with the world. Everyone needs a little “borgie” in their lives! After all, he is “One in a Maximilian”!

Picture by author