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I Just Chopped My Hair Off & Here’s Why You Should Too

One day, I came across a picture, which is how I find all my haircut ideas, and it was surprisingly cute. I didn’t even know I needed a change until I saw the potential of what my hair could be. I had been mulling it over and had a hair appointment coming up soon.

(Inspiration for my haircut)

When I went to see my hairdresser, he actually talked me out of doing my hair that short. And I was like what?! A hairdresser who doesn’t want to do something fun with my hair? Anyways, I just ended up trimming it which felt still felt good to get my hair cut after 6 months.

I have been thinking about chopping my hair off for months. So I’ve just come to college, and I’ve started this new diet, and I thought scew it. I am going to get my haircut with a new hairdresser. She has cut my bangs and undercut before and I really like her, but I’ve never gotten a haircut with her, until now.

I finally gained the courage to ask her for a full haircut appointment. She says this week, today actually. So I walk in, show her the pictures of the type of haircut I want which requires cutting off probably 10 inches of hair, and sit in the chair. She starts to wack away, texturizing and again, cutting off inches of hair. After she was done, you all know the moment, she handed me the mirror and spun me around to take a good look at it. Oh my gosh, I absolutely love it! It’s exactly what I wanted and fits my face really well. Good job, hairlady.

(You could look as happy as this lady from google)

If you have been thinking about chopping off your hair, just do it. Maybe go to your shoulders or a little bit longer if you’re really nervous about cutting it. Then next time you could be ready to take it to your chin (and so on and so forth). I think it is freeing to cut your hair off, all the weight is lifted off your shoulder, literally and figuratively.

I am also biased because one, I live in Laramie where the wind blows like crazy so it is really nice not to have it in your face. And second, I don’t look good with long hair. I love my short hair and now even shorter hair. I have no attachment to the length of my hair, only that it looks good.

Long story short, if you have been mulling it over and have wanted to cut your hair short, do it to it. It will grow out although fair warning it might take a little bit before you’re happy with it. It is good to take risks, especially with the new school year. I am super happy with it and I bet you will be to! Power to doing new things this school year y’all!

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