I Have 21 Days Until My 21st Birthday & Here are 21 Thoughts About It

1) I can FINALLY go out on the town with my friends during the weekend.

I can also...

2) Go to Vegas and gamble and try to fight this college debt by gambling.

3) Start driving for Uber.

4) Tell my parents I’m an adult and I’m “officially” responsible.

5) Purchase a handgun from a licensed firearm dealer.

6) Obtain a horizontal driver’s license.

7) On top of that, I can get rid of the one with my ugly 16-year-old face.

8) I’m going to be at a training event on my 21st birthday. Do you know what that means? I can’t get wasted.

9) But if I weren’t at the event, I could go to the bars at midnight on my 21st.

10) I was born the day before tax day. Does that mean my parents could have gotten a deductible on me? Good job, Mom and Dad.

11) I can pop a bottle of champagne- and hopefully NOT break my face. I was watching a movie on Netflix, “Chalet Girl,” and she broke her nose.

12) My dog and I can continue to do more things.

13) Although it’s legal to buy lottery tickets at age 18, I think I’m going to buy my first one. Finally. Wipe out college debt.

14) I can bake a birthday cake for myself.

15) My dad’s birthday is two days before mine. We normally do a birthday dinner celebrating the two of us, but since I will be out of town we’re probably going to do something the week before or after.

16) My brother was born on March 13th, and I was born on April 14th. That means that for 2 days, he rubs in my face that there are only 2 years between us. Which is stupid, I know, but he never lets up.

17) When a guy asks me out for drinks, I can finally say yes.

18) I can buy a bottle of wine and get wine drunk.

19) Just another year has gone by, with me blessing this earth with my presence.

20) Being 20 sucked.

21) Besides that, nothing else will change.

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