How to Use Tinder to Go on Actual Dates

We’ve all heard the saying that Tinder is “just a hookup app.” There’s often a stigma around the app that causes many people to steer clear. I won’t deny that a lot of people are just on Tinder to hookup, especially in college, but that’s not always the case. I have been using Tinder for years and have never used it as a hookup app. If you’re afraid of downloading it because of the bad reputation, I’m here to tell you that I have met some great guys off of Tinder (along with a few duds). There are tips and tricks to getting what you want out of Tinder. Here’s how I use it to get actual dates:

1. Tailor your bio to mention going on a date

Your bio can send the message to swipers that you’re not interested in Netflix and chilling. Suggest a date that you guys could go on by saying something like “Let’s grab a coffee” or suggesting they join you in one of your hobbies (don’t say something expensive though, we are all broke college kids). This gives guys who are interested in actually taking you on a date an easy in. I used the “Let’s grab coffee” bio for a while, and several guys would start the conversation but suggesting a place we could go. This also allows you to avoid the pointless messaging for weeks on end that never leads to meeting up. Some people straight up state what they’re looking for in their bio. This might be a good option too, but it’s a little too assertive for me.

2. Use Tinder as a way to match with people you already know

Let’s be honest: it’s never easy asking out someone you know in person. There’s a huge fear of getting rejected. I mostly use Tinder with the intention of matching with guys I already know. Most of the guy that I have gone on dates with from Tinder were ones I was already acquainted with, but we were both too nervous to show our interest in each other. In my experience, these guys are more likely to be interested in going on a real date since they already know you a little bit.

3. Make the first move

If you have been chatting with a guy for a while and the conversation is going well, don’t be afraid to ask them out! If they only want to hook up, they’ll see from your offer that you’re interested in different things and find an excuse to get out of a date. I’ve never made the first move in person, but I have several times on Tinder and I’ve gone on some great dates because of it. couple holding hands in a restaurant on a date

4. Don’t swipe endlessly 

Limit yourself to only swiping a little bit at a time and take an actual interest in getting to know the guys who catch your eye. It’s easy to let so many guys fall through the cracks because of the overwhelming amount of people on Tinder. Just be mindful and try to think of them as actual people rather than pictures on your screen.woman eating