Her Campus Loves Homecoming

It is Homecoming week here at UW, so our team put together a list of our favorite parts of Homecoming. Go Pokes!


Sara: “I love watching Homecoming sing. I’ve never participated, but I love to watch.”

Jamie: “I love the Union and Half Acre decorations that show how spirited our school is. I also like the Big Event because it ties the community together, and we get to give back.”


Vanessa: “I love that it’s not just university thing, it’s the entire community.”


Taylor: “I love the football game itself and that people come together from out of state and around the state to watch.”


Katelyn: “I love the whole game day atmosphere. People are so much more excited for this game than any other.”


Milli: “I was in the parade last year, and it was a fun time.”

Kinsey: “I like that there is a bunch of stuff to do like the horseshoe scavenger hunt. It is a fun way to get people involved.”


Hailee: “I’m really excited for the football game, too. (I just don’t want to freeze) I walked into the Union and was having a bad day, but saw it decorated and thought that was nice.”


All: BEER SONG (and sales)

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