HC U Wyoming Where Are They Now?: Emily Cornell

*Photo courtesy of Emily Cornell*

Name: Emily Cornell

Year graduated: 2015, 2017 

Degree: BS Business Management, minor in Anthropology, MA in Communication 

Current occupation: Public Relations Coordinator for NFP

Her Campus involvement: Contributor for 2 years

Why did you join Her Campus Wyoming? 

I had read Her Campus since my freshman year of college, so I jumped at the opportunity to write for the Wyoming chapter when Lauren McClure started it. I also really enjoyed writing, which made Her Campus a practical organization for involvement.

What does/did Her Campus mean to you?

Her Campus provided a safe space to write, laugh, and build relationships with awesome people in a productive setting. I appreciate that the organization offers more than just a chance for members to write, but also help organize events and be engaged on campus. For me, having the support from fellow members to write about what I wanted to write really helped me find a non-academic voice in writing. Her Campus was and is one of the best organizations I was a part of as a student.

Has being involved in this club helped your career plans?

I work in a communications role, so the writing aspect of Her Campus definitely helps in my career. I didn’t really consider career plans when getting involved because I just wanted an opportunity to write about random things. I could be creative with Her Campus when I couldn’t in my coursework. In my work, opportunities for creativity exist, but not quite in the same open way as Her Campus. Fortunately, practicing writing through Her Campus only contributed to my writing skills. Writing is like practicing a foregin language, practice is crucial for success.

What is your favorite article/memory that you can recall?

An article that sticks out in my mind I wrote as my time at UW was coming to an end. Probably because it was a more serious article with reflection over the time I spent in Laramie, it comes to mind. Honestly, it probably wasn’t my favorite article to write, but it helped me appreciate the highs and lows of attending UW.

What have you been up to post-college?

A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Following graduation, I worked at CU Boulder in marketing for a year. Then found myself in Austin, Texas, which worked out well because I hate the cold. While living in Austin, I found myself in a PR role with an insurance company and it’s been great.

Most of the time out of college has been spent trying to figure out how to successfully “adult.” I still haven’t figured it out, but in the process I’ve done a lot of baking, started a sports podcast with one of my best friends, and learned that wrinkle release spray is your friend.

Do you have any pets?

I don’t yet, but I’m working hard to give my future golden retriever the best life I can.

What is the best advice you could give your younger self?

Say “yes,” but without being a yes-person. Say “yes”  to new experiences and people, say “yes” to being vulnerable, say “yes” to accepting help, say “yes” to learning more. Basically, if it feeds your soul, say “yes.”

Favorite place in the world?

A tough question...so many great options. I’m sure my favorite place will change as I see more places, but I love the city of Austin. Good food, good music, good people, good running trails, good airport, I couldn’t really ask for more.

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

A variation of coral because it pairs well with most other colors, but holds its own if you go wild and just color a whole page coral. Mostly, I just really like the color coral, it’s such a happy, bright, fun color, and I want to be those things.

Any advice for current HC U Wyoming members?

Write about things you’re passionate about. Her Campus offers a platform for you to develop your voice, so you might as well do that writing about things that bring you joy. One, it makes you a better writer the more you write. And two, you may not be able to always write about things you’re genuinely excited about if you do get a communications job.


*Photo courtesy of Emily Cornell*