Five Korean Dramas to Watch If You Need a Good Cry

Korean dramas are my favorite forms of entertainment. If you love subtitles, beautiful people, and cheesy romance-- I totally recommend this drama. But right now, if your feeling the shift in the weather and maybe it’s making you sad, you may need to cry. Here are a few dramas to help kickstart those water works.

5. Live (2018)

Live is a police drama, starring “Asia’s Prince” Lee Kwang Soo. This drama is a real all-rounder, it effortlessly blends sweet, comedic, and the most heartbreaking moments together for the most bittersweet combination. It follows several characters as they deal with love, betrayal, and corruption in the police force. Live also brings attention to the inequality in modern society between men and women; it highlights struggles such as the pay gap, the taxing of menstrual products, and the bias of men in the workplace. It also touches on subjects like sexual assault and abortion and the importance of sex education. It’s a relevant and touching series with a lot of sad and beautiful stories to tell.

4. 12 Years Promise

12 Years Promise follows the story of Guk Jang and Jun-su Yoo. Meeting as young teenagers, they fell in love fast. With each episode, you follow the trials and tribulations they go through. After an accident and a tangle of misunderstandings, they meet again after being separated for 12 years: drama and heartbreak ensues. This drama is guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings.

3. Goblin

If you like magic and fantasy, here’s one for you. This drama follows a war general betrayed by his own king back in the Goryeo dynasty. Because of all the blood he shed as a general, he is cursed to live forever, wandering the world as a goblin. Which isn’t what you expect, because he's still hot. He has live forever until he meets his “bride”. She is the only one who can kill him and let him rest. They are soulmates yet she is destined to kill him— you probably see where this is going. This is a beautiful drama with various side plots that will have you crying into your pillows and leaving you feeling empty. Enjoy!

2. Queen for Seven Days

This drama follows a true story in Korean history. The theme is basically, be careful what you wish for. Even when you are following your heart, you may end up heartbroken. This drama is a home run; it has friendship, true love, and betrayal. Be ready to be emotionally invested and absolutely shocked. This is honestly one of the most heart-wrenching dramas I have ever watched. Beware, you may drown in your tears watching this one.

1. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Hearts Ryeo

Honestly, this drama had me immediately invested because of the endearing characters. One sweet and tough girl against the past, palace life, treason, and eight super hot princes. This drama is a must-watch. It’s suspenseful and each storyline gives you something to root for. The end is brutal and yet leaves hope. Moon Lovers is one of the best dramas out there if you need to let the emotional floodgates loose.


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