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Coffee: the Bliss of Dreams (and Week 12)

(PC: Ericka Patten)

It’s week twelve. Collegiettes need their coffee, but we also need to be reminded of our purpose. Why do you get up every morning? Who do you want to become? What you think about is what you become. Dream big, smile wide and never forget why you do what you do. 

Cori is working her way through the Accounting program at the University of Wyoming, and taking her own sweet time doing it. She's wandered through many different majors and departments, which have inspired an appreciation for people, places, languages and cultures. A study abroad in Italy continued her interest, and eventually she hopes to find a career that will allow her to travel, practice the two languages she's already started in, and learn many more in the process. When not interning for a local accounting firm, you can usually find her watching movies, reading, or making up adventures to entertain herself.
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