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The Best Wine for Every Occasion

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Wyoming chapter.

After a long week of work and school, sometimes it’s nice to relax with a glass of wine. Wine is the perfect pairing for all occasions, but what wine pairs with what occasion? Here’s a list of my favorite wines for some of the most common occasions.



1. For Girls Night: Moscato

On a girls night, it is nice to have something sweet and smooth, and with a moscato you achieve both. Moscato is sweet and low in alcohol, and it is one of the easiest wines to drink. If you have friends that don’t drink often, or that would rather not drink too much, this is perfect.

2. For a Lazy Sunday or for Sunday Brunch: Riesling

This specific Reisling wine, is a dry wine. If you are looking for a sweeter wine, choose one from Germany or California. On a day that you want to spend on a couch, a wine with a strong aromatic scent is the way to go.

3. For a Picnic: Rosé

Rosé wine is very versatile; therefore, no matter what kind of food you are going to have, it will pair well with it.

4. For a Housewarming: Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine that you need to drink with food. It is strong, and overwhelming, but with amazing food and great company, the combination will be perfect.

5. For a Birthday Present: Pinot Grigio

Chilled to the perfect temperature, a glass of Pinot Grigio is sure to win over a crowd. Although some say that it is quite simple, mostly because it has been mass produced, Pinot Grigio’s taste and aroma make up for it.

6. For a Dinner Party: Syrah/Shiraz

Syrah pairs well with meat, but you can drink it with whatever food you enjoy. Due to its high amount of mouth-drying tannins and full-body, Syrah can feel very heavy, but it also contains one of the biggest levels of antioxidants that benefit health.

7. For a Date Night: Merlot

Merlot is perfect for a date night, when all you want is something smooth that pairs well with a dessert. Its silkiness makes for a great drink in the evening.

8. For a Pre-Night Out: Red Blend

Red Blends are easy to drink on their own, because of their delicious notes of vanilla and spicy oak. Before a night out, a glass of this will have you swooning

9. For a Mom and Daughter Night: Chardonnay

It’s nice talking to your mom about life, and a Chardonnay is the best wine to have before having dinner. Sit, talk, and sip on a glass, it may just make your problems seem a whole lot simpler.

11. For #WineWednesday: Just Do You

On Wine Wednesday, the perfect pairing is whatever you like best. There are so many options, maybe even trying something new will be perfect.