The Best and Worst of New Girl Thanksgiving

New Girl is known for its crazy antics, especially around Thanksgiving. The roommates always end up in some kind of dilemma which makes for the perfect episode. Here is my list of the worst to best New Girl Thanksgiving episodes.


5. Season 1, Episode 6: Thanksgiving

This is the first Thanksgiving episode that started the trend. As Jess’ first Thanksgiving with the loft, you know something terrible has to happen. The guys are very skeptical the entire time because they only celebrate “dudesgiving” which involves drinking beer and watching football. I personally put this episode is at the bottom of my list. The constant “gobble” and “turkey” jokes just become too much to handle. Not to mention Justin Long’s character of Paul Genzlinger is the worst.

4. Season 3, Episode 10: Thanksgiving III

This Thanksgiving episode is a true train wreck. Between Jess wanting a normal holiday with friends and Nick trying to regain his “manliness”, something had to go wrong. This episode is the funniest of them all, but it still has its moments. Like when Jess falls into a hole.

3. Season 6, Episode 7: Last Thanksgiving

The last season of New Girl is full of lasts, and their Thanksgiving episode is no excuse. This one has a lot of rough spots, though. Jess and Robby’s relationship is a disaster, Schmidt and CeCe have moved out of the loft, everything just feels a little weird.

2. Season 2, Episode 8: Parents

Based off of the classic movie Parent Trap, this episode contains many hilarious moments. Jess’ parents are divorced, and she doesn’t like that, so she does everything in her power to try to “spark” their love again. At one point, Jess’ plan works and her parents are caught awkwardly making out in the bathroom, while Nick tells Jess that he is attracted to her mom. It is all sorts of weird.

1. Season 4, Episode 9: Thanksgiving IV

This is by far, THE BEST Thanksgiving episode of New Girl. The episode begins with Schmidt coining the term “Bangsgiving” which can only lead to disaster. I may be partial to this episode because of Ryan Geauxinue (BABE). He definitely comes in as a close second in Jess’ boyfriends, behind Nick of course.


Now that you’ve seen the perfect line-up for Thanksgiving, get ready to have a Merry Christmas!



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