Adulting 101 as Told By Nick Miller

For a select amount of us, graduation is around the corner. Though majority of college students are over 18 and *technically* adulting on a daily basis, nothing really slams you into full-on adulthood like graduating college. You suddenly have to navigate life 100% on your own, and school is no longer a time-suck that prevents you from getting a real job and making your own path.

In the midst of my soon-to-be-graduated panic, I’ve tried to watch Netflix here and there to give myself a break. Naturally, I turn to New Girl, considering it’s my favorite show and makes me laugh through the pain of my final semester. In watching episodes over and over, I’ve looked at how Nick Miller lives his life and though he may not be an ideal role model for adulthood, it’s inspiring to know you will never have to have it figured out. Nick is a prime example of that, for sure. So, here’s adulting 101 as told by Nick Miller. WARNING: Don’t take his advice...or do, I guess it’s your life.

1. It’s hard to come to terms with, but adulting doesn’t have a guidebook, really.

You just have to learn as you go.

2. Sometimes, you have to cope with difficulties the only way you know how.

Chinese food, going a run, same thing, right?

3. If you have bills, just keep them all in a box.

The responsibility will immediately be off your shoulders and well, shoved in your closet to never be seen again.

4. In an awkward social situation? Just moonwalk away and say nothing.

Works every time.

5. Give yourself a catchphrase to tell yourself when you’re feeling low.

If you decide to share it with others, that’s your call.

6. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge that you don’t have it all worked out.

No one really does, right? Just embrace the unknown.

7. Like Nick once said, “nothing is ever broken.”

Maybe they just need duct tape.

8. It’s always important to have one good friend you can go to for anything.

Someone like Tran is ideal.

9. Working out isn’t *really* necessary.

10. Have a little self confidence.

11. Take care of yourself.

12. And never forget:

There’s only a few weeks left of semester, so enjoy the ride, especially if you’re a senior. Soon enough, we will all be left to fend for ourselves and whether you’re like Nick Miller or not, you’ll make it through.