8 (Practical) Halloween Costumes for Laramie Weather

Disclaimer: I’m not saying you shouldn’t wear whatever the h*** you want during halloween, because by all means, wear that super hot outfit. I’m just saying you won’t want to. I just don’t want y’all to freeze.

1. Sleeping Bag Suit Because it’s gonna be snowing, y’all.

2. Starbucks Cup Warm coffee and maximum insulation but also because we’re all basic. Don’t lie

3. Panda Onesie

Or any onesie for that matter. It’s comfy and you look adorable. Win-win.

4. Cruella De Vil

That fur coat. Imagine all the HotHands you can smuggle in that.

5. Olaf from Frozen

If it’s going to be super cold outside, might as well pretend it’s summer. Just like Olaf

6. Sumo Wrestler Maximum insulation. 10/10

7. A Marshmallow You can be tasty and warm. Holla.

8. Your Pajamas

Because f*** going outside

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