7 Football GIFs that Perfectly Sum Up Finals Week

Football is great, but finals are the worst. Here are 7 GIFs that perfectly sum up finals week.

1. When you need to hold back the tears when you look at your finals schedule and realize you have a final on the last day of finals. How dare they. You could be going home.

2. Okay… you let the tears come out. Specifically, you have a mental breakdown in the library. We’ve all been there bud.

3. And then you don’t study so it piles up on you the night before. Just like your tears.

4. But dodging study time is so much fun.

5. And you can’t stop running away from your problems so you just hide.

6. Your first reaction to receiving your final. Just throw it away on the way out.

7. But you end up getting a really good grade on your finals that you kind of studied for.

Happy Finals!

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