7 Affordable Halloween DIYs to Spook Up Your Space

It's October- which means the time has come to decorate your space for Halloween! Here are 7 affordable DIY Halloween crafts to decorate your space with. 

1) Cauldron Cakes

These spooky little cakes are an easy way to bring the Halloween spirit into your kitchen!

What you will need:

-Cake mix (any flavor you would like!)

-White frosting

-Frosting of any flavor/color

-Green food coloring

-Halloween candies

-Mini black cauldrons

Simply bake the cake following the instructions that come with your mix. Once your cake is cool enough (about 10 minutes after being pulled out), scoop it into a large bowl. You will then add your miscellaneous frosting to this bowl to act as a binding agent for your cake. It is best to pick a frosting that compliments the flavor of your cake! After mixing the cake and frosting, you will be able to mash the mixture into your mini cauldrons. Frost the tops with your white frosting that has been dyed using green food coloring. This will give the appearance of a potion brewing in your cauldron! The last step is to finish your cauldrons off with fun little candies or sprinkles to make your potion really come to life.


2) Spider Infestation

This spooky touch takes almost no time or effort! You can find little black spiders at almost any store that sells Halloween decorations. All you need to do is put tiny pieces of tack onto their bellies and place them around any vent or window on your wall or ceiling.  


3) Bone Tapestry

This project takes a little more time, but is super cheap and well worth the effort!

What you will need:

-A stick (Free! Yay!)

-Clear fishing line

-Mini skeletons (Dollar Tree sells the perfect size!)

The process is pretty simple. You are going to pull apart all of your skeletons to get your desired body parts. Then, you will string them along, making about 6 body parts per strand. You can increase or decrease this number depending on how dense you want your tapestry to be. Lastly, tie the ends of your strands onto your stick and hang! I used heavy duty Command hooks and fishing line loops on each end of the stick to hold mine up and it worked great.

4) Crow Tree

This DIY takes almost no time at all and is a great way to light your porch up at night!

What you will need:

-A branch(Still free, yay!!)

-Crows (regular or skeleton)

-String lights

-A pot (or any other way to hold your branch in place)

Place your branch in a stable spot to where outside elements won’t knock it over. Simply tie/glue/clip your crows onto the branches sporadically. Lastly, you will wrap your branches with your string lights to make it visible at night.

5) Hanging Web

This has become one of my favorite Halloween pieces in my room. You simply hang a stick using string and a Command hook onto your wall. Next, wrap cheap spider web along the length of the stick. From there, you can work the web into different directions and hold the ends in place using small command hooks or thumb tacks. Lastly, attach the small spiders that come with the webbing.

6) Bouquet of Eyes

This eerie floral arrangement takes almost no effort. Almost any craft-store or Walmart sells black/purple artificial flowers around October. All you have to do it hot glue fake eyeballs into the centers! I used an old glass bottle stuffed with artificial spider web and plastic spiders as a vase, but you can use your imagination and arrange them however you would like!

7) Specimens

For these creepy skeletons, I picked up plastic insects/reptiles from the toy section at dollar tree. The wooden plaques are from the craft section at Walmart, but you can find either of these items at any craft store. After spray painting the plaques black and the specimens gold, I hot glued each one onto the center of a plaque. These are super easy to hang with Velcro Command strips and add a touch of Halloween to any empty wall!

**All photos are by the author.