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5 Shows That Should Come Back RN

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Wyoming chapter.

I’m a sucker for a good TV show and though there are plenty of my favorites on Netflix to revisit over and over again, there are just some shows that should’ve never stopped. I have so many that I love that I figured I would list them here in hopes I’m not alone.

  1. Gossip Girl: Was six seasons really enough? I honestly don’t think so, but maybe I’m the only one. This show is a 2000s masterpiece, following such entertaining characters that I find myself missing all too often. I have re-watched this show over and over, but it would’ve been better to just have a few more seasons. I miss Chuck & Blair, I miss the NYC backdrop and I miss the endless drama.


  1. That 70s Show: This is my all-time favorite show for so many reasons, but mainly because it’s so freaking funny. The cast was perfect, the jokes were so good and it was just an all-round amazing series. I know it went downhill when Eric went to Africa *spoiler alert*, but I could have used some more episodes when he returns to make life a little sweeter. I just miss Kelso, what a dude.

  1. Friends: Duh, I have to include Friends because it’s an absolute classic. I think about this show every day and how no other show will be able to top it. I feel like I needed just a little more closure after the finale. Is everyone still friends? Are the couples happy? Who lives in the apartment now? I have so many questions. Also, let’s face it, how could you not want more time with Chandler, Joey, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe and Monica? Talk about a dream team.


  1. The Vampire Diaries: Yes, I love this show, sue me. It was super cheesy, over the top cliche and dramatic, but I think that’s what made me love it so much. The show just ended but I feel a gaping hole in my chest after the finale and I’m just not at all satisfied with how the show left its fans. I’m so sad it’s over and it ended in such a depressing moment for Stefan fans *cough cough* ME. I still get so upset over the end when I think about it. I need more.


  1. Drake & Josh: You bet elementary/junior high school me is coming out right now. I loved Drake & Josh so much. I remember coming home after school to watch it and I would just laugh out loud. It was such a high quality show that deserved more episodes and if you disagree, you’re wrong.


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Abbey is a senior at the University of Wyoming and is currently majoring in Journalism. She couldn't imagine a world without Jesus, coffee, The 1975, Twitter or her family. You'll usually find her at a concert or cafe somewhere, which is where she spends majority of her free-time. Talking to band members after their shows is a hobby, along with thrifting & indulging in all aspects of pop culture. After college, she plans to spend more time at concerts, getting paid to write about music and bands.
Kaitlyn is a recent grad the University of Wyoming, where she got her degree in Marketing. She has been the Campus Correspondent for a Pink level chapter, a Chapter Advisor to some amazing chapters, and now has the pleasure of being a Region Leader. Born and raised on the Western Slope of Colorado, her love for nature and the outdoors comes naturally. Kaitlyn lives for football season, but finds way to stay preoccupied during the off-season. She enjoys long walks in the mountains, beer as cold as her heart, and bacon on her burgers. You can follow Kaitlyn’s adventures on Instagram, @kaysoup.