5 Quotes That You Might Need to Hear

I decided to gather some of the quotes that I turn to for strength when I am having a tough week. Maybe you guys can rely on these too as you are recovering from midterms and dreading to see your grades thus far.

This is one of my absolute favorite quotes. I think I gravitate towards it because I’m an Aries, which is a fire sign, if you believe in horoscopes. I get down on on myself a lot, but when I look at this quote, I remember all that I have gone through and that I can get through even more.

Everyone loves Dolly, and I think this quote exemplifies happiness and what to do if you’re not happy. If you don’t like what’s going on in your life, figure out what you need to do to change it.

I love this quote so much! As a future teacher, I know that mistakes and failure are how you learn what works and what doesn’t work for your classroom. If you doubt something and never try it, it could have turned out to be extremely awesome. At least if you make a mistake, you can learn from it and never do it again.

This quote, oh my god yes! This one encompasses not being afraid to be daring. If you are scared to do something, you should not be vying after what’s at the end. Be fearless and let your inhibitions go.

This is a quote I need to look at a lot sometimes. I talk about my success often and I forget that not a lot of people care or I talk about it so much it’s annoying. I need to learn how to be quiet when I do great things and just let people watch from the sidelines.

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