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5 Comedy Videos For the Stressed College Student

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Wyoming chapter.

As we all know, getting ready for finals is not easy, no matter how hard you try. We all need a break sometimes, so here are five funny videos from CollegeHumor to give you a good laugh before you go back to hitting the books. 


1) Hardly Working / Don’t Eat The Laundry Pods

Tide Pods may be more of a 2017 problem but this video will just remind of how weird this issue was, and how oddly satisfying your mind keeps telling you it would be if you ate a Tide Pod. 

2) Shorts / The Problems With Jeggings Continue

The sequel to an already hilarious CollegeHumor video, “The Problems With Jeggings Continue” reminds us all that jeggings were actually a problem in some schools and that jeggings were actually a thing to begin with.  

3) Shorts / Sex With the Hulk

This conversation often comes up in every hypothetical superhero themed conversation, and CollegeHumor is the real hero who made a video about it.  

4) If Google Was a Guy / What If Google Was a Guy

Remember that one time you asked Google that really odd, gross question? Well, imagine if another person had to get that information for you.

5) Hardly Working / No, You Weren’t “Born in the Wrong Decade”

We’ve all had this conversation, and more often than not however, we never really take in the cons and only focus on the pros.

Good luck on finishing the semester everybody!

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