4 Ways to Stay Ahead This Semester

Welcome back to school everyone! After our winter break, which seemed like it lasted FOREVER, it might be a little hard to get back into the swing of things. Here are some tips for staying on top of your semester from the very first day!

1. Read the Syllabi for all of your classes, before class!

I do this and write down any important dates and assignments that I will have throughout the semester. This helps to prevent little “surprises” like an unexpected quiz or homework assignment.

2. Be on time for classes

Yes, even those dreaded 8am’s. Showing up on time, or even a little early, will help bring your focus to the class in front of you and you’ll be ready to smash those notes.

3. Make a weekly schedule and stick to it

Classes, clubs, advisor meetings, gym time, etc. If you sit down before the semester even starts, you can plan things around your classes and it will help you stick to a routine everyday. I have found that my routine is extremely helpful when it comes to my grades, as well as my mental and physical health. (Plus I have lots of colored pens and pencils that make planning “fun”).

4. Find at least one friend or study buddy in your classes

This is more for if you are a social being (it’s okay if you’re not though). Sometimes finding one person in your classes will make you more motivated to plan study sessions, focus in class, and be held accountable for your work. Not to mention, they might even be willing to take notes for you if you miss a class!

Those are just a few tips to get ahead this semester, just remember that you got this! Happy start of semester and good luck!

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