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17 Things You May Not Know About Ireland

The Republic of Ireland, what a country. Signs are in two languages, the history is long and interesting, the capital city is spectacular, and the people make you want to return. If you’re seeking a Leap Year type adventure, best of luck to you. If you’re looking for a pot of gold, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a fun place to spend some time, consider Ireland. Also, if you just really enjoy jam and butter on scones, tea, seafood, and castles, Ireland may be your place. Here are some things to consider before booking your Aer Lingus flight:


  1. St. Patrick’s Day is a public holiday. Meaning many stores are closed, fortunately the pubs aren’t.

  2. The wind by the Cliffs of Moher blows seafoam out to the parking lot. And I thought Wyoming wind was strong.

(Oh and there’s hella fog at the Cliffs of Moher)


  1. If you can rent a car, that may be a better option than getting a rail pass. Although a rail pass is nice, you can access more places via road. The rail route is interesting and you should do some research before committing to it.

  2. Do the Guinness tour even if you don’t like beer. The view from the Gravity Bar alone makes the tour a 10/10. Nothing quite like looking out at Dublin.

  3. The rain and wind on the West Coast of Ireland is actually the worst. Whenever we told people our route was to go from east to west, they just said that it’s super windy out west. They were not wrong.

  4. Irish people have a great sense of humor. I’m serious, their sense of humor is fabulous.

  5. Irish Car Bombs are called Irish Car Bombs. Trust me, we ask a bartender at a pub in Galway.

  6. There are many local beers, so if you like beer don’t just drink Guinness.

  1. In the same vein, there are many local whiskeys. If you like whiskey, try some!

  2. The people are hella friendly.

  3. Irish food gets a bad reputation for being boring. The seafood is quality and not boring at all. 10/10 would consume again.

(from Ard Bia in Galway)

(from Martine’s Restaurant Winebar in Galway)


(from the Canal Café in Celbridge)


  1. Irish people seem to like U.S., except for the current leader.

  2. Cork has a butter museum. I still don’t know if butter is a carb, but it does have an interesting role in Irish history.  

  1. Rugby is a big deal. Like NBA in the U.S. big.

  2. The EU wants Ireland to pay taxes on water...all it does is rain there…

  3. There are 26 counties. Don’t confuse cities with counties. We made that mistake thinking we were going to see something in a city, when really it was in the same county but 20 miles away.

  4. In case you were wondering, the Irish also like brunch. So really, how could this beautiful country not be on your bucket list?

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