13 Relatable Memes About Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is such a beautiful time of year; full of sharing, being thankful, and enjoying your family. But if you aren’t living in a Hallmark movie, Thanksgiving is full of petty comments, family drama, and endless leftovers. These tweets perfectly sum up Thanksgiving for the rest of us.


  1. If you have family with different political views, we all know how fun that can be..


2. Sometimes, you gotta unleash the inner savage.


3. Ugh. Too real. #thanksgrandma

4. *sips third glass of wine* Weird. Can’t relate..



5. Wish I could afford a Tesla… *as I eat Ramen*


6. Unpacking second bottle of wine before noon…


7. Standing at the appetizer table eating my emotions…


8. Little drunk, largely hungry.


9. At least one of us has a chance of succeeding… *insert sassy girl emoji*


10. So far, so good.


11. Packing more tupperware than clothing…


12. Thanks, mom. Dick…


13. I’m not proud of how many tubs I packed…


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